Property and Asset Management

Pacific Eagle Holdings Corporation is a highly skilled, forward-thinking real estate manager with deep experience in property and asset management. The company owns and operates its own commercial real estate properties and has utilized an owner-operator model since its inception. Leveraging its broad-based network, Pacific Eagle also manages real estate assets on behalf of third party institutional investors.

Pacific Eagle is an expert at repositioning commercial and residential properties, and has successfully transitioned many high profile assets in premier urban centers in the United States and abroad. From renovating lobbies and plazas in office buildings to adding hyper-local amenities to hotels and residences, Pacific Eagle has a peerless ability to add value to its properties and deliver high rates of return for its investors.

Investment Management

Dexter Horton Building
Seattle , WA
Pacific Eagle (US) Real Estate Fund
123 Mission
San Francisco , CA
Pacific Eagle (US) Real Estate Fund

Through its fund business, Pacific Eagle Holdings Corporation identifies quality properties and connects vetted, third-party institutional investors with the opportunity to recognize significant returns generated by Pacific Eagle’s expertise managing assets.

Investment Strategy


Pacific Eagle secures both off‐market and brokered opportunities through relationships developed over the Company’s two decades of operations. Pacific Eagle’s broad base of connections and reputation for seamless execution makes it a sought after partner, especially when time is scarce and a public marketing effort is not desirable.

Backed by Great Eagle, one of the most respected property investors in the world, Pacific Eagle relies on its trusted relationships within the brokerage community to out-bid competitors. Pacific Eagle has a distinguished reputation as an investor—it has vast resources and is known for its transparent and efficient approval process.

Acquisition Process

Pacific Eagle’s success is built on strong relationships and research. The company’s team invests in professionals that are continuously making connections throughout the industry to compile a knowledge base of trends and opportunities that is second-to-none. Pacific Eagle complements this on‐the‐ground intelligence with rigorous financial and legal due diligence to execute deals. As a result of such extensive deep-background vetting, Pacific Eagle routinely differentiates itself from other buyers and instills confidence in the seller it will deliver the strongest possible results.


The Austin
San Francisco , CA
Pacific Eagle (US) Real Estate Fund
555 Howard
San Francisco , CA
Pacific Eagle Holdings

Pacific Eagle is known in the development industry for acquiring and producing properties of uncommon distinction. Along with Great Eagle, Pacific Eagle has set a new standard by redefining the urban experience with iconic commercial and residential buildings that reshape city life. Pacific Eagle develops properties that establish an innovative relationship with surrounding locales that is smart, progressive, and connected to the local experience.

Pacific Eagle is a leader in markets that balance growth, momentum, and resilience. Through access to vetted inexpensive capital, Pacific Eagle is a nimble investor in new projects that maximize returns for investors. Our development team possesses in-depth understanding of every aspect of the property development process, from initial due diligence to construction to completion. The company will continue to leverage its experience across the world to acquire, manage, and develop sites in premier and emerging markets.

Hotel Management

Great Eagle owns Langham Hotels International Limited, and through its hotel management arm, operates an extensive portfolio of international hotels under the Langham and affiliate brands. Using its diverse expertise repositioning property assets, Great Eagle recently launched a management group for third party hotels that spans four continents.

The group’s hotel portfolio includes The Langham, Langham Place, Cordis, and Eaton brands, which are spread across 40 leading gateway cities including London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Sydney, and Melbourne. Langham Hotels is routinely ranked as one of the top luxury hotel brands in the world.

Pacific Eagle is a leading hotel owner and manager in the United States, and is currently pursuing new opportunities around the country, including an exciting new concept that combines guest rooms, a co-working office area where guests and locals can mingle and interact, and an arts program to support local creatives.

The Langham, Chicago
Chicago , IL
Pacific Eagle Holdings
The Langham, Boston
Boston , MA
Pacific Eagle Holdings
A Member of Great Eagle Group